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one-step Code

An improved one-step Code (reflected code) i.e. that only one bit changes from one entry to the next. This code gets two bits out of one stripe of code, and therefore needs only half of conventional necessary code stripes on the encoder plate. It can replace the well known Gray-Code, first described by Frank Gray in 1953, giving smaller and cheaper encoding devices.

Sense and nonsense of night set-back

night time heating reduction

Risks while surfing

While surfing with standard browser and standard preferences internet user holds an inappreciable risk. You can minimise the risk.  


As a simple start: DIN A4 hand coded postscript-forms for downloading and printing yourself: All with 18 cm x 28 cm print area (about 7 inch x 11 inch).

Especially for printers with smaller print area 16 cm x 26 cm (6.3  x 10.3 inch):

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